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ITCHELA Portable Blender

Designed for active and healthy lifestyle. Make your favorite smoothie at the beach, your own Ice Coffee in the office, or blend your protein shake at the gym wherever you go. Replace canned juice by fresh ones with ITCHELA portable blender.
Water Bottle T1
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The Water Bottle from ITCHELA will remind you to drink water all day long! With time marks on the bottle, you will know the mount to drink each hour d..
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ITCHELA V4 Blender
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The new ITCHELA V4 Blender is the perfect way to enjoy smoothies and fresh juices in a larger capacity (450 ml). Hight quality and powerful enough to ..
ITCHELA  Blender
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Blender Capacity: 350 ml Blender Weight: 490 g 1500 mAh Rechargeable Battery 4-Point Stainless Steel Blade 5V Electric Motor Spins 20,000 ..